What to expect

Here is what to expect when you book an appointment:

First consultation

The first consultation will usually last an hour and will involve a nutritional assessment, diagnosis and initial education. A nutritional assessment will consist of a detailed examination of a patient’s eating habits and lifestyle. Information will also be collected on medical tests and results, measurements will be taken and nutrition-focused physical findings will be recorded. All this information will be used in making a nutrition diagnosis.

Education will involve explaining the diagnosis, identifying problematic eating and discussing ways in which to address the diagnosis. Goals will be set with the patient to treat and manage the root cause of the underlying problem or disease.

Second consultation

The second consultation will be scheduled for soon after the first one and involves the intervention. During the second consultation the patient will receive appropriate material to help them treat or manage their diagnosis. This material may include dietary guidelines and tips, personalised eating plans, menus, recipes and/or shopping lists. The intervention will be based on the patient’s diagnosis, nutritional requirements and lifestyle.

Follow-up consultations

Follow-up consultations are important in monitoring and evaluating whether a patient is making progress and achieving their goals. During these consultations obstacles can be discussed and solutions can be identified in order to improve compliance.